GUI updates pushed in version 3.2.2

We pushed version 3.2.2 to live today.  It mainly consists of interface updates.

Most notably is the home page and associated pages.  We found that while our clients already know what we offer, for people new to RhinoSpect, it was a little confusing.  I hope that the updates make it pretty clear now about the basics of what RhinoSpect does.  The sad part was that we dropped the carousel, which had some great images.  I’ve added them below, just because they’re great images, and go a long way to showing the types of environments RhinoSpect has been used in.

We’ve also worked pretty hard to get page load times down in this release.  Tests suggest we’ve succeeded.

And finally we’ve cleaned up some of the management panel interface.

If you notice any issues with the update, as always, lodge a ticket at

So as I get back to work, I’ll leave you with my favorite carousel images which are no longer.


Tasmanian wilderness

Crocodile harvesting


radar installation

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