Increased collaboration with v3.4

We’ve been getting plenty of feedback on how you’ve been using RhinoSpect, and as such have upped the ante with relation to collaboration, which also led to us tweaking our plans a little.  This means we can now offer RhinoSpect at a reduced price-point. 

Pricing changes

For existing customers, you will receive an email with the option to either move to one of our new plans, or stay on your current plan.  We’re pretty sure you’ll want to move however, as in nearly all use cases, you’ll be spending slightly less if you switch.


In conjunction with the updated pricing, we’re moving to a more collaborative approach, where everyone in your team has a RhinoSpect login.  This lets you share your module with your team or others, allowing them to view and export data themselves.  Collaborator accounts are free, so there’s no additional cost to you or your team and partners.

As usual, if you notice any problems, hit us up at

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